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Classic Collection

Featuring Africa Adorned's best-selling Mauritanian style designs. These are the timeless pieces we are best known for



Berber Collection

Necklaces featuring Fatima's protective hand pendants, in arrangements inspired by the Berber Tribe, combined creatively in unique asymmetrical designs



Marrakech Collection

A delicate arrangement of silver pendants influenced by the Berber tribeswomen


Charm Collection

Jewellery following the latest trends, using African inspired pendants on silver chain, creating a style statement


Serendipity Collection

A unique fusion of Moroccan and Ethiopian designs using delicate silver pendants based on traditional Ethiopian crosses in a typically West African arrangement


Telsum Collection

Jewellery using a combination of Ethiopian pendants - known for their special protection from the "Evil Eye"

AA Colour Scheme Collage

Colour Schemes

The above collections can be produced in any of the following colour schemes:

Coastal Cool:A cool mix of West African glass beads, aquamarine and turquoise stones, mint alabaster and Caribbean blue Swarovski crystals.

African Sky: A dazzling combination of semi precious stones including labradite and iolite, sapphire Swarovski crystals, with West African royal dark blue glass beads.

Warm Amber: Using West African red, orange and yellow amber beads together creating a warm balanced combination to brighten your mood and your outfit.

Maasai Red: A combination of striking red West African glass beads, femo coral and ruby Swarovski crystals

African Textiles: A colourful and complimentary mix of our beads combined to make a striking and eye-catching design of jewellery adding pizzazz to any outfit.

Safari Sunrise: A soft blend of purple hues, using a combination of West African glass beads, tanzanite and violet opal Swarovski crystals.

Diani Beach: A soothing mixture of cream coloured beads, pearls, camel bone and clear West African glass beads, adding a touch of glamour to match almost any outfit.

The Plains: A natural blend of green West African beads, Vasli Mali wedding beads, Erinite and Emerald Swarovski crystals, kyamite, labradite semi precious stones, colours inspired by the thirsty savannah after the rainy season.

Bespoke Designs

We are able to work with you on a one-on-one basis for any jewellery you would like to have tailor made for you or someone special. We can do this over email, over a consultation or on the phone.

We are able to do bridal jewellery to make your wedding extra special, with a subtle piece designed especially to go with your wedding dress, or as exceptional favours for your bridesmaids.

If you have collected some pendants on your travels across the continent you would like us to make up into a unique design we are happy to work with you on this too.

Feel free to contact us for any bespoke jewellery requirements.


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