Original Africa Adorned

Original yet traditional African Fine Jewellery with a rich Tribal Heritage.  Handmade using Sterling Silver Charms mixed with traditional African beads and Swarovski crystals

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Contemporary Sterling Silver Jewellery designed with very delicate and fine chain, Silver Charms mixed with traditional African beads, a mixture of ostrich shell, glass and bone.

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One of a Kind

Original one of a kind pieces made with antique Silver charms and authentic vintage beads

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Since 1993

History of Africa Adorned


Africa Adorned is a well known photography book by Angela Fisher that documents the incredible jewellery and body adornment of the many tribes throughout Africa.  Angela would collect beautiful pieces of jewellery on her travels and give them as gifts to her friends.  Africa Adorned Jewellery was born out of inspiration from these photographs coupled with a love of the African Continent, travel and jewellery.

Our classic jewellery is hand-made from a mixture of hard to find original antique silver beads and charms, weathered sugar glass trade beads and Swarovski crystals.

Our new collections, #AAUpdated, are a contemporary twist on the traditional designs.  They incorporate fine sterling silver chain coupled with silver charms and traditional African beads and are inspired by some of the most ornate tribes in Africa